Sunday, 21 April 2019
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WGI Tampa Regional 2018!!!

Congratulations to the Lake Howell Varsity Winter guard for their outstanding performance at the Winterguard International Regional in Tampa on Saturday February 17th. They placed first in their round, moved in to finals and scored 2nd overall in the final round. The Winterguard qualified and is currently ranked second overall across the country going into nationals next month.

WGI Tampa 2

WGI Tampa 1

WGI Tampa 3

FFCC Lyman

Way to go Lake Howell JV and Varsity Winterguards on a great performance on Saturday February 10 at the FFCC Lyman competition!!! Congrats varsity on placing 2nd!!!

FFCC Lyman JV 4

FFCC Lyman JV 1

FFCC Lyman JV 2

FFCC Lyman JV 3

FFCC Lyman JV 5

FFCC Lyman Varsity 1

FFCC Lyman Varsity 2

FFCC Lyman Varsity 3

FFCC Lyman Varsity 4

FFCC Lyman Varsity 5

FFCC Lyman Varsity 6

District Solo and Ensemble 2018!!!

Amazing job to all of the Silver Regiment musicians who participated at the FBA District Solo and Ensemble. Throughout the weekend there were 91 Superior medals brought back to Lake Howell by our musicians.

Solo and Ensemble Superiors
Any Solo or Ensemble marked ** are eligible to move on to State Solo and Ensemble on March 22nd, please let me know ASAP if you’d like to move on!!!

** Piccolo Solo - Melody Quiroga
** Flute Solo - Juan Gutierrez
** Flute Solo - Melody Quiroga
** Flute Solo - Madigan Roozen
** Clarinet Solo - Rim Benhadda
** Clarinet Solo - Grace Rawley
** Clarinet Solo - Sarynette Torres
** Alto Sax Solo - Brandon Hill
** Alto Sax Solo - Joanna Lung
** Alto Sax Solo - Brianna Renner
** Tenor Sax Solo - Jah’Son
Trumpet Solo - Josephine Kuster
Trumpet Solo - Elizabeth Langston
** French Horn Solo - Thomas Langston
** French Horn Solo - Joshua Sanchez
** Trombone Solo - Luna Padilla
** Tuba Solo - Michael Pinheiro
Tuba Solo - Olivia Youngblood
Piano Solo - Destiny Cave
** Piano Solo - Joshua Sanchez

** Flute Duet - Madeline Miller & Madigan Roozen

** Sax Quartet - Gabriella Castro, Brandon Hill, Joanna Lung & Andre Pineda.

** Flute Choir - Adrianna Crosby, Evelyn Goodwin-Schwartz, Juan Gutierrez, Ethlyn Hylton, Kaela Leconte, Diana Mailman, Madeline Miller, Melody Quiroga, Madigan Roozen, Allison Sickles, Lucian Skinner-Savallisch & Christina Ufland,

** Brass Choir -
Trumpets - Manuel Collazo, Lucas DeReamer, Brianna Duffey, Bennie Ellis, Michael Farquharson, Kailey Grandowski, Caleb Howard, Natalie Hughes, Elizabeth Langston, Shaelynne Lippincott, Kelsey Link, Troy Hein & Matthew Seier.
French Horns - Yasinia Arias, Alyssa Cole, Luke Hadesty, Jack Joralemon, Thomas Langston & Joshua Sanchez.
Trombones - Luke McGrady, Luna Padilla & Elisya Rosa.
Euphoniums - Destiny Cave, Christopher Gammon, Jonathan Oliver & Autumn Volzka.
Tubas - Joshuel Montanez, Michael Pinheiro & Olivia Youngblood.

Intermediate Percussion Ensemble - Ravi Beshara, Brandon Braungart, Derrick David, Matthew Hodge, Steele Mycroft, Megan Quiroga, Reese Riggs, Jah’Son Smith, Devon Strange, Reyniel Torres, Terrence Tully, Julian Waizenegger & Carlie Wargo.

** Advanced Percussion Ensemble - Maite Cintron-Aguilo, Derrick David, Demetrius Galindez, Erin Humphrey, Miguel Lopez, Kristopher Mercado, Steele Mycroft, Megan O’Toole, Reese Riggs, Megan Quiroga & Colin Vaccaro.


SE 1 Flutes

SE 2 Clarinets

SE 3 Saxes

SE 4 Brass

SE 5 Intermediate Perc

SE 6 Advanced Perc

Jazz Band District MPA

Phenomenal job to the Lake Howell Jazz Band on their FBA district 6 MPA performance!!! The students have worked hard this semester and performed great!!!

Jazz MPA 1

Jazz MPA 2

FFCC Oviedo Competition

Congrats to the JV and Varsity Winterguards on their amazing performances on Saturday February 3rd at the FFCC Oviedo competition and first place finish for the Varsity team!!!

FFCC Oviedo 1

FFCC Oviedo 2

FFCC Oviedo 3

FFCC Oviedo 4

FFCC Oviedo 5


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