Tuesday, 19 June 2018
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Music Ordering

Allegro Music

Allegro Music

Florida Music Service

Florida Music Service

Dr. Wind’s

Dr. Wind’s

J.W. Pepper

J.W. Pepper

Instrument Needs

Recommended Band Equipment for Lake Howell High School Band Students

All Students

  • Flip Folder: For marching season
  • Tuner: Korg, Seiko, Center Pitch Tuners
  • Metronome: Korg, Seiko, Boss Metronomes
  • Folding Stand

All Brass Students:

  • You must have a BERP for your marching and concert instrument!

Read more: Instrument Needs

Approved Music

Approved Music for Solo & Ensemble

For more information visit the Florida Bandmasters Association Website

Solo/Ensemble Exceptions and Directions

  • Piccolo: Piccolos may select music from the flute list. Keep in mind the selection will also be evaluated on its suitability.
  • Oboe / English horn: English horns may substitute any double reed solo from the list.
  • Eb Clarinet: Eb Soprano Clarinet may play suitable music from the Bb Clarinet list.
  • Saxophone solos: Soprano Saxophone may play from the Tenor saxophone list.
  • Bass Saxophone may play from the Baritone Saxophone list.
  • Baritone saxophone may only play from the Alto Saxophone list with special permission from the S&E Music Committee Chair.
  • Mixed Ensembles: Mixed ensembles may use substitute instruments only as included on the original score.
  • Trombones: Trombone and Euphonium lists are interchangeable.
  • Euphoniums: Trombone and Euphonium lists are interchangeable.
  • Baritone: Grade 1&2 Baritone TC may play from the trumpet list. Grade 3 or higher may be played with special permission from the S&E Music Committee Chair.
  • Mallets: Mallets soloists may play grade1, 2 & 3 Flute and Oboe Literature.
  • Ensembles:
    • Instruments bracketed parenthetically indicate optional parts.
    • In addition to listed choir music, quintet music may be used to form choirs with EACH quintet part being doubled.
    • Percussion ensembles may NOT double parts.
    • Chamber winds MUST be performed in the exact instrumentation listed - NO DOUBLING, NO SUBSTITUTIONS.
  • String Bass: A string bass player in a school that does not have an orchestra, may perform a double bass solo at the FBA solo/ensemble MPA. The solo must be on the FOA solo list. The difficulty levels shall be determined as follows:
    • FOA Class A = FBA Grade 5
    • FOA Class B = FBA Grade 4
    • FOA Class C = FBA Grade 3
    • FOA Class D = FBA Grade 2
    • FOA Class E = FBA Grade 1

Students must play a Grade 5 (class A) to be eligible for State MPA.

All-State Requirements

For All State Music Requirements click here.