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Lake Howell Band Handbook

Jose Eslava - Director of Bands
Michael Howard - Principal
Tonya Thompson - Assistant Principal of Performing Arts

"The Pride of Lake Howell High"
Lake Howell High School Silver Regiment Member Handbook

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Lake Howell High School Silver Regiment!  To help familiarize you with the Band Program, this handbook was created. It contains valuable information about the Band Program and can answer many questions you may have, so please read it thoroughly. If there are any questions not answered in this book, please consult your Officers or Band Director.

The goal for the Lake Howell Band Program is to give each student a great music and artistic education. In addition, we strive to give each person memories that will last a lifetime. Hopefully, these experiences will be some of your most rewarding memories in high school, so cherish every moment.

2. Director

Director of Bands - Jose Eslava

3. Registration

All Silver Regiment Members must be registered prior to aattending band camp.  In May, the Boosters hold a Pre-Registration.  A second registration will be held some time prior to band camp.  To expedite the process, all registration forms are available on the CHARMS website (  Payments can also be made in PayPal.   All forms can be printed from CHARMS without a login, but if you do not have a login, please notify the Secretary of the Band Boosters Association.  Please note, some of the forms do require a notary, a notary will be provided for you at the registrations.

4. Silver Regiment Band Member Responsibilities

What is a Silver Regiment Band Member? It is a student who performs as an instrumentalist or a color guard member in the Lake Howell High School Band Program. Being part of the band program is a full year commitment and includes two seasons, marching and concert season. The color guard also has two seasons, marching and winter guard season.

In order for a Band or Color Guard Member to perform in any performance, they must be present at all rehearsals in preparation for that particular event (Example: In the marching season, to perform at a football game or band competition, the Band Program member would have to be present at all rehearsals that week).

Rehearsals and performances make up a huge portion of each student’s grade. Since band is a performance - based class, unexcused absences from rehearsals and performances will lower a student’s grade significantly. A calendar is of events is shown in CHARMS and is available 24/7 and is updated as soon as the dates are available.

Report times for football games and weekend events will be posted in the Band Room as soon as they become available. A schedule of upcoming events will also be posted in the Band Room, on CHARMS as well as in the weekly email sent by the Band Booster President. Vacations and personal events should not be scheduled on performance dates. The only absences excused without notice are illness that requires medical attention, or a death in the family.

If a member misses a performance and it is an unexcused absence, the director has the right and authority to not guarantee participation in future performances, for the remainder of that year, or in any other ensemble offered by the Lake Howell Band Program. The director has the right to replace a student who has an unexcused absence. In addition, a student can be taken out of any ensemble or from their specific part in that ensemble (solos) for an unexcused absence. Students, who display a bad attitude, lack of commitment, and poor work ethic may be replaced by someone in the alternate section. This decision is at the discretion of the band director.

If a student quits the Lake Howell Band Program before the completion of a school year and does not fulfill his/her commitments to the Band Program, under no circumstances will the student be allowed to return to the Program at any future time.

Being part of the Lake Howell Band Program is a privilege. Each student should honor his or her commitment to the fullest extent. There will be no exceptions.

5. Eligibility

Each student must have a band GPA of 3.0 and an overall GPA of 2.0 to perform with the band program. A student with a grade lower than a "C" in any academic class will not be allowed to perform until the next grading period. Any student who is given ISS will not perform in the next 1 – 10 band performances. A student who receives OSS will not be allowed to perform in 10% to 100% of the band performances. Please also refer to the student handbook for details on these policies.

A student, who receives ISS or OSS, for any reason, may be taken out of any honor ensemble, such as All-County Band, All-State Band, Tri-State Band, Jazz Band, or the Lake Howell Holiday Band, at any time before the completion of the event. These ensembles are for the Lake Howell Band Student who shows great character, musical excellence, commitment, and respect for the Student Code of Conduct.

Any council member who receives ISS on more than one occasion will be suspended from Council for one year. Non-council members who receive ISS on more than one occasion will not be permitted to audition for any Council position for the following year. Any Council member who receives OSS will be immediately removed from the Council permanently and will not receive the option of auditioning for Council in any future year. Any non-Council member who receives OSS on any occasion will never be permitted to be on Council.


The Band Program uses CHARMS, an online management program.  Parents and students can use CHARMS to access the calendar, finances, registration forms and drill.  In addition, parents and students can update their contact information so that you are always receiving the latest information.  


Parent/Student School Code: LakeHowellBand

Contact the LHBBA Secrettary to obtain a user ID or if you have forgotten your password.

7. Financial Responsibilities

Marching band is an co-curricular activity, which receives very little funding from the school system.  All Silver Regiment members are responsible for band dues. These funds help defray the costs of operating the band program, which include music, marching drill, instructors, transportation and equipment. 

Also, musician students who use school owned instruments would be charged a $70 instrument maintenance fee for each semester the instrument is used. For example percussionists will be charged $70 each semester as they use school equipment for the entire year.  Musician students will also be required to purchase, gloves, shoes and any additional equipment required for their instrument, i.e. mallets, sticks, reeds, etc.

Members of the Color Guard / Winter Guard will be charged for their uniform each season, plus additional items, such as gloves and shoes. 

Any student with remaining balances on March 1st will not be allowed to attend the Band Banquet.  Any student with remaining balances on April 1st will be referred to the school and will not be allowed to purchase prom tickets. Any senior with remaining balances on May 1st will not be allowed to walk at graduation.

There may be additional expenses for food at some competitions. For example, spending money may be needed for personal expenses at certain venues for food, t-shirts, etc.

The LHBBA board of directors are willing to work out a mutually agreeable payment schedule with any family that may need to do so. Please contact the LHBBA President or the Band Director to work out details.

8. Fundraising

Fundraising is another integral part of the Band Program. This also helps support the Band Program as well as providing funds for individual band accounts. On some of the fundraisers, the participants can earn a share of the earnings from that particular event depending upon their contribution.

Each member of the Band Program is required to participate in all three fundraisers (Candy Bar Sales, Rehears-a-thon, Door-to-Door), to earn a Varsity Letter or Bar. Regardless, members are encouraged to participate in fundraisers.

There are many fundraising programs throughout the year. One constant fundraiser is working concession stands at the UCF Sporting Events and Amway Arena Events. These events provide a large share of the Band Program's income. If interested in participating in these events, please contact the Concession Chairperson in the LHBBA. Students are allowed to work the UCF events, however, you must be 18 to work at the Amway Arena. By working these concession stands you can earn $25 towards your band account. If you are in a special payment plan, working these events is highly recommended.

9. Band Room Guidelines

The Band Room is the "home" of the Silver Regiment and should be treated with respect. The Band Room is to be kept clean and presentable, not only for safety and ease of use, but to show visitors the "Pride of the Silver Regiment".

Band members should only be in the band room before and after school, and during their assigned class. They should not be in the band room at any other time unless given permission from the Band Director.

Individual practice should not be done in the Band Room, but in practice rooms. The Band Room is for rehearsals.

Do not touch instruments that are not your own (including percussion instruments).

The phone may not be used to obtain transportation to and from practice or for personal calls.

Do not enter the Music Library

Do not touch the stereo, TV, or VCR

Do not enter the Band Director’s office

No food

No drinks

No gum

No hats (unless at practice)

No rude, vulgar, or condescending language

No inappropriate contact

Silver Regiment members and their parents are the only people allowed in the band room. This is because there is expensive instruments and equipment in the Band Room. Non-Band Program members will be asked to leave the Band Room.

No horseplay or violence.

10. Bullying and Harassment

Lake Howell Band will not tolerate bullying and harassment of any kind. Any behavior that applies to the definition of bullying or harassment should be reported to the school and school protocol will be followed.

Bullying means systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students, including:  unwanted and repeated written verbal, or physical behavior, this includes any threatening, insulting, or dehumanizing gesture that is severe or pervasive enough to create intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment; cause discomfort or humiliation; or unreasonably interferes with the individual's school performance or participation.

Harassment means any threatening, insulting or dehumanizing gesture, use of data or computer software, written, verbal or physical conduct directed against a student.

Bullying and Harassment includes cyber stalking which means to engage in a course of conduct to communicate, or to cause to be communicated, words, images or languages by or through the use of electronic mail or electronic communication, directed at a specific person, causing substantial emotional distress to that person serving no legitimate purpose, as defined by Florida Statute 784.048 (1)(d).  Cases of cyber stalking will be reported to law enforcement.

To review the entire Seminole County Bullying and Harassment Policy, please visit the website policy #5.421.

11. Marching Season

Marching season is generally the first third of the school year; it runs from summer sectionals, to band camp, to the last football game, or FBA District Marching Festival, whichever is the latest. During this time the Silver Regiment performs at all football games, pep rallies, as well as various competitions, and occasional parades.

Practices are mandatory, and if absent; the students grade will be docked and the member is not guaranteed a spot for that week’s performances, even if excused. (Please refer to the alternate section and member responsibilities).

At football games, the Silver Regiment is there to support the Silver Hawk football team and entertain the crowd. We do this through stands tunes and a halftime performance of our marching show.

The Silver Regiment also performs at various festivals and competitions. In the past, the Silver Regiment has performed at the Seminole Sound Spectacular, Timbercreek Marching Arts Festival, Seminole County Band Festival and FBA District Marching Festival.

12. The Alternate Section

Unless pre-arranged with the Band Director, any Silver Regiment member who does not report for Band Camp will be placed in the Alternate Section for the marching season and may earn a spot into the show, if one is available. Those members placed in this section will not be eligible to perform in competitions or FBA Marching Festival. They will take part in half-time performances and marching events, when given the chance and be given other responsibilities to support the band.

Members of this section can earn and will be given the opportunity to audition for those positions of an absent Silver Regiment member, and only from a member that has an unexcused absence.

Students who do not display a good attitude, commitment, and hard work may have their spot auditioned for by an alternate. This will be at the discretion of the band director.

13. Marching Practice Dress Code

The following guidelines are for band camp and marching band practice. These ensure that everyone is prepared to have a productive practice as well as for the medical safety of all members.


Shorts - comfortable; No jeans or long pants

T-shirts - light colored; tank tops; and sleeveless shirts. No sports bras unless covered by a shirt and No bikini tops. Bringing an extra t-shirt to change into is highly recommended due to rain and/or sweat.

Athletic Shoes and Socks - No Sandals or flip-flops.

Hats - highly recommended.

Sunglasses - highly recommended.

Sunscreen - REQUIRED.


Coordinate Book/Music Book - Your section leaders will instruct you on this. All marching drill and music will be available to print in CHARMS.

Pencils - Sharpened with eraser.

Water Jug - At least a gallon size filled with water or 50/50 diluted Gatorade or other sports drink. NO CAFFEINE or carbonated or high sugar drinks, as these will dehydrate you.

Instrument - You can't practice without it!

Behavior and Manners!

To ensure maximum productivity for rehearsals, talking is to be kept to a minimum. With over 100+ people on one field, efficiency of the rehearsal is important to getting as much done as possible. Paying attention to the Band Director, Staff, and Officers ensure things will run smoothly. Respect is to be shown at all times for the Band Director, Officers, and the Staff brought in to assist the Silver Regiment.

14. Outfitting the Silver Regiment Marching Band

The uniforms of the Silver Regiment are to be treated with utmost respect. While in uniform, everyone represents Lake Howell and the Silver Regiment. Please represent Lake Howell well.

The band will provide you with a marching uniform. All band members are assigned a uniform and fitted at band camp. Since uniforms are the property of the band, the uniforms are distributed before and collected immediately after every performance and stored in the uniform room. Band parent volunteers throughout the marching season will wash the uniforms.Since these uniforms are used from year to year you are expected to take care of them. This entails properly hanging them and making sure they are returned to the uniform room. Prior to performances your Section Leader will inspect every Silver Regiment member to make sure all members meet dress code. If they do not, they will not be able to march.

Each band member receives one band issued T-shirt designed with the marching show logo commonly referred to as the "show shirt".  These T-shirts are worn as a part of the uniform.  We encourage you to order an extra for an additional cost.

In addition to the uniform, you will be required to wear the MTX Marching Shoes and black socks. The brass and woodwind players are required to wear gloves (it is highly recommend that 2 sets are purchased). The tuba players will wear a Beret instead of the Shako.

In addtion to the above uniform, you must:

- Wear no jewelry (including skin piercings)

- If hair is dyed, it must be natural colors

- If hair touches the shoulders, it must be tucked inside the shako

- If makeup is worn, it must be natural colors (except Color Guard)

- Boys must be clean-shaven

- Girls hair will be in a sock bun in marching uniform, unless you are a tuba or front ensemble member

15. Marching Uniform Rules!


  • No eating or drinking in uniform
  • No gum
  • No profane, distasteful, or derogatory comments
  • No running
  • No horseplay
  • No public displays of affection (no p.d.a.'s)

16. Football Games

Report time will be posted in the Band Room for all games.

A marching run-through will be held before dressing into uniforms.

After dressing into marching uniforms, all members will be inspected by their Section Leader(s) and will line up to march into the stadium or to be dismissed to the buses for away games.

The Silver Regiment will march in two single file lines into the stadium before the game to a Drum Line cadence.  Do not let spectators break the rank of the Silver Regiment. Ask them politely to wait until all members have passed.

At home games, the Silver Regiment will perform the Star-Spangled Banner and Fight Song before the game begins, unless the Chorus is performing.

Members will file into the stands into their appropriate sections and remain at attention until called to relax by the Drum Major(s).

The Silver Regiment’s appearance and behavior is important to the overall image of the Silver Regiment. Please follow all uniform guidelines, and listen for instructions from the Drum Major(s) and Band Director.

The Silver Regiment must be ready to play the Fight Song after the Silver Hawks score as well as after the conversion.

Non-band members (including parents) are not allowed in the band section. It is highly encouraged that visiting friends and families do not distract the band members.

Silver Regiment members are not allowed to bring refreshments into the stands.

The band plays their field show as half-time entertainment. Usually the visiting school band performs first. After half-time, the students are given a break from performance, but must be back in the stands by the end of the 3rd quarter.

With the exception of breaks, members of the Silver Regiment are not allowed to leave the band unless under the supervision of a chaperone.

Band member conduct should be professional for the duration of the game. Individual playing, hacking, or beating of percussion equipment are not permitted.

Silver Regiment members are expected to treat opposing spectators, band members, and parents with respect at all times, under any circumstance.

While the other band performs the Silver Regiment should be a good audience. The Silver Regiment is performing at all times and we do not wish to detract from the other band’s performance as we do not want wish them to detract from us.

After performing, the Silver Regiment will circle around the director and wait for comments from the Band Director.

After the completion of the game, the Silver Regiment will perform the Alma Mater for the football team and crowd.

At home games the Silver Regiment will then line up and march back to the band room, turn-in their uniforms, get final announcements, watch the playback video of the evenings performance and are dismissed AS A GROUP.

All instruments, music, uniforms, and equipment must be put away properly before leaving.

Students are not allowed to leave from football games until formal dismissal, unless the director received a written request PRIOR to the game and has approved.

For away games, students meet at the school to board buses, and return once the game is over. To avoid prolonged waits in the parking lot, we suggest that your student send you a text when they are close to the school.

Each Silver Regiment member is reminded that he/she is representing Lake Howell High School, the Silver Regiment, and him/herself. By conducting yourselves as professionally as possible, it reflects positively not only upon you, but the entire Silver Regiment.

17. Competitions, Festivals and Trips

Report time for all competitions and festivals will be posted in the Band Room and on the CHARMS Website as soon as they become available.

A marching run-through may be held before dressing into uniforms.

After dressing into marching uniforms, all members will be inspected by their Section Leader(s) and wait to be dismissed to the busses.

As all competitions and festivals are different, every member must pay attention to the Band Director and Drum Major(s) at all times. Also, members need to be flexible and be able to do things on a moment’s notice without comment.

Complete uniform is to be worn in public. You are representing Lake Howell and the Silver Regiment. Members are also expected to follow uniform guidelines while on trips.

On busses, electronics are not permitted without headphones.

Members may not change busses without permission. Roll will be checked on each bus before departures.

Any member who needs to depart a performance with his/her parent or guardian must submit a written request from their parent or guardian before departure. The parent or guardian must be present when the member is picked up.

Silver Regiment members will receive an itinerary of activities prior to all major trips. Members are responsible for informing their parents or guardians of this itinerary. Dates and times will also be available in the CHARMS calendar.

Conduct of Silver Regiments members in public venues should be subdued and courteous. On overnight trips, members may not leave their rooms after the designated curfew assigned by the Band Director. The Code of Conduct applies to all trips away from school, as well as on campus.

Chaperones and Officers are to be obeyed and treated with courtesy and respect. They are delegates of the Band Director.

After returning home, members will dress out of uniforms and return them to the uniform room. The user of the piece of equipment must return all instruments and equipment to the proper storage place.

18. Concert Season

Concert season begins at the conclusion of marching season and continues until the end of the school year. The Lake Howell Band Program strives to achieve high performance levels in concert season just as in marching season.

Students are expected to dedicate time everyday to practicing at home. Each child’s daily homework in band is to practice their instrument according to guide of their band director and private instructor. During the marching season, double reed players have the option of playing another instrument to fill a need for the band. Since we do not march bassoons or oboes, with the guidance of the band director and parent, a suitable instrument will be chosen. The student must realize before learning a new instrument that the child’s priority in the Lake Howell Band Program is their primary instrument, which is their double reed instrument. They will not be allowed to switch to another instrument after marching season or any other time.

During the school year, the Lake Howell Band Program puts on four (4) concerts: a Fall/Chorus Concert; a Winter Concert; a Pre-Festival Concert and a Spring Concert.  These performances are mandatory and showcase the progress, talent and musicianship of the Lake Howell Band Program.

After marching season the Lake Howell Band Program is broken into several smaller ensembles: Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band and Winter Guard.

19. Concert Uniforms

Concert tuxedos and black dresses will be provided for concert performances. The same rules apply to the concert attire as the marching uniform with two exceptions.

  • Appropriate jewelry may be worn.
  • Girl's concert uniforms may be taken home, but must be returned at the end of the school year.

Each student will be responsible for paying for any items that are lost or damaged.

20. Rehearsals

Be prepared for rehearsal 5 minutes before scheduled start.

Many times technicians will be present to assist the Band Director. Utmost courtesy and respect must be shown to them.

Have all music as well as pencils on the stand.

Instruments should be in proper working order, including having all necessary supplies (reeds, mouthpieces, etc.)

No talking.

21. Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble consists mainly of upperclassmen, and its members are the most skilled of the Band Program. The class teaches advanced techniques and literature. The Wind Ensemble performs in concerts throughout the year as well as FBA District and State Festivals. Private study is expected.  Members must audition to be in the Wind Ensemble.

22. Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band consists mainly of freshmen and underclassmen. This class provides instruction in intermediate techniques and literature. The Symphonic Band performs in concerts throughout the year as well as FBA District Concert Festival. Private study is encouraged.

23. Jazz Band

The Lake Howell Jazz Band is an ensemble for students who enjoy the art of Jazz. To be in the Jazz Band, members must audition. Jazz Band performs at concerts throughout the year as well as FBA District Jazz Band Festival.

24. Color Guard / Winter Guard

The Color Guard is an integral part of the Silver Regiment. During marching season the guard performs with the marching band, in their field show, at Football Games and state competitions. The color guard utilizes movement/dance, flags, rifles, sabers, and various other props to create a visual impact and package for the band. Auditions are held in the spring. After marching season the guard separates from the band and performs independently as the Lake Howell Winter Guard. They perform in local FFCC (Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit) as well as WGI (Winter Guard International) regionals. Auditions for this are held in the fall after the completion of band season.

For both the fall marching season and winter season all policies and procedures of the School Student Handbook and the Silver Regiment Handbook apply to each and every member.

25. Lake Howell Band Boosters Association (LHBBA)

The Lake Howell Band Boosters Association is the official fundraising and support group for the Lake Howell Band Program. It is comprised of all parents of the students involved in the Lake Howell Band Programs. All parents are encouraged to attend Band Booster meetings held the 2nd Tuesday of every month. They provide useful information about band activities as well as allowing them to voice concerns or opinions about the program. It is also a great way for parents to stay involved with their children’s activities.

The LHBBA Board consists of: President, Vice-President of Operations, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President of Ways and Means, Marketing and Auxiliary Coordinator. If any questions arise concerning the Silver Regiment or its activities, parents are urged to contact any of the Board members or Committee Chairpersons, as well as the Band Director.

The Band Boosters are also responsible for organizing events at Lake Howell. The LHBBA is always looking for parents who wish to help by contributing time to these events, as well as concessions or chaperones. Again, if interested in helping the Lake Howell Band Program, please contact any member of the LHBBA Board.

For more information about the LHBBA click here.

26. Florida Bandmaster’s Association

The Florida Bandmaster’s Association (FBA) is the organization that organizes band-related events throughout the state of Florida. The Band Program as a whole performs at many of these events, and individual members are encouraged to participate in others.

District Marching Band Festival – The entire Silver Regiment participates in this event, which is usually held towards the conclusion of marching season.

District and State Concert Band Festivals – The Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble both participate in District Festival, when instrumentation permits. If either receives a Superior rating at the District level, they are eligible to perform at the State Concert Band Festival. State Festival is much more critical of the band’s performance, and a Superior rating at State means the band is one of the finest concert ensembles in Florida.

Solo & Ensemble Festival – Individual members participate in this event. Solos and Ensembles are rated by music educators from across the state. All members are encouraged to participate in this event. Members of Wind Ensemble are required to participate. Solos & Ensembles performing a grade "5" or higher that receive a Superior may participate in State Solo & Ensemble Festival

District Jazz Band Festival – The Jazz Band participates in this event. It is similar to concert festival, in that if the band receives a Superior, they may advance to State.

All-County Honors Band – Individual members of the Band Program are encouraged to audition for the Seminole County Honors Band. To audition, the student must play all 12 major scales in less than 2 ½ minutes, as well as a prepared piece and sight-reading.

All-State Honors Band – Students are encouraged to audition for the All-State Band. Competition for this event is extremely high, and to be selected is a true honor. To audition, students must play all 12 major scales in less than 2 minutes, two prepared pieces, as well as sight-reading.

The Band Director is always willing to help critique and assist students in preparation for Solo & Ensemble as well as All-County and All-State auditions. Private study greatly enhances a student’s ability to do well in these endeavors.

A limited amount of solo and ensemble music is available from the library. All other music must be purchased from a music store. The Solo & Ensemble song list is available from the Band Director upon request.

For more information about The Florida Bandmaster’s Association (FBA) visit their website.

27. Band Awards

For a complete list of awards click here.

28. Silver Regiment Traditions

The Silver Regiment has many traditions that have been passed down through its history. These traditions help bring the Silver Regiment family together as well as allowing us to show our pride in our accomplishments.

Band Shirts
Returning members always wear their freshmen year shirt on the last day of Band Camp.

Premier Night
On the last day of Band Camp, the Silver Regiment officially unveils its show to parents and spectators. Although never the greatest show, it is always the first performance, and brings a close to Band Camp. It is followed by a potluck dinner where Silver Regiment members, parents, and guests can all socialize.

The Band Song
"The Greatest Love of All" is the Silver Regiment’s song. It is sung before Premiere Night, all marching performances including football games & competitions, and at the end of Band Banquet. The seniors form a circle in the center of the room and all others form a larger circle around them. This is a true bonding time of the Silver Regiment family, and is a very sentimental moment for graduating seniors.

Senior Night
Senior Night report time is always very early so that every senior has or her moment in the spotlight. The entire Silver Regiment sits in the band room and then every senior is called up one by one, to be spoken about by individuals in the Silver Regiment. This event truly shows the close-knit relationships of Silver Regiment members. Senior Night celebrates a senior’s memories of how band has impacted their life. Before the game, all the seniors march across the field with their parents or guardians in an on-field ceremony.

Marching in and out of Stadiums
The Silver Regiment always marches in and out of stadiums. The Silver Regiment marches in at attention in two single file lines, and out at trail. When entering the Band Room, every member resumes attention.

No Cheering for Awards
The Silver Regiment remains silent while the Drum Major(s) calls the Silver Regiment to attention. The Drum Major(s) and Field Commander(s) at retreat accepts the award. No one in the Silver Regiment is to scream, clap, or cheer loudly.

29. Frequently Asked Questions

Why so many marching practices?

The Silver Regiment has always maintained a high level of excellence. Perfect practice makes perfect performances. The instructors strive to make a performance better, but to better educate students and promote musical growth.

Why do I have to pay money?

The Lake Howell Band Program has operating costs, such as technicians, truck and bus rentals, instrument repair, and many other expenses. Band dues help offset this cost. The vast majority of the money does return to the band student in either better equipment for use or instructors who will further student’s growth.

Why do I have to be at every practice?

Things are always being changed and adjusted. One person may not seem like much, but it affects the entire Silver Regiment in terms of drill spacing and musical balance. Being absent hurts the entire Silver Regiment, and besides, if you’re not there, you’re going to miss important information.

Who should I ask if I have a question?

Try Section Leaders first, and if they don’t know the answer, they should direct you to someone who does, or find out for you. If all else fails, call the Band Director at his office or a BBA Board member.

What if I have problems paying band dues?

The BBA is always willing to work to make mutually agreeable payment schedules. Also, there are many fundraisers throughout the year including concessions. Call the Ways and Means Chairperson for more information.

Who should I call if my parents want to chaperone?

Don't call anyone, have your parent go into CHARMS (, click on VOLUNTEERS and sign up where there is space available. Your parent must have a Seminole County Dividend form on file to chaperone.

How long do football games last?

Every game is different. An approximate return time will always be posted for every game and competition in the Band Room. Most home games are over by 10:30PM.

What do I do if I have to miss a practice?

If you have to miss a practice, tell the Band Director as soon as possible, preferably in writing explaining why you cannot attend. He will make accommodations with you.

What if I can’t get a ride to/from practice or a game?

There are always upperclassmen that are willing to give rides, especially if substantial notice is given. If you need rides to every practice, consider trying to find someone who lives near you who can carpool with you. The Band President and Vice President can assist you in finding people willing to give rides. The majority of the Silver Regiment members are more than willing to offer rides home if needed.

30. Glossary

This is a list of many terms and acronyms used by the Lake Howell Band members. Hopefully this list will clear up any confusion about terms.

Auxiliary – Another name for the Silver Regiment color guard.

Alternates - Since the Silver Regiment is a competitive marching band there are students that become alternates due to their marching abilities, musicianship abilities or attendance at band camp.

Band Banquet – Annual awards banquet and dance held at a designated location. A year-end Slide Show is shown at this event.

Battery (aka Drum Line) – Marching percussion.

BOA (Bands of America) – An organization that holds marching band competitions throughout the United States. The Silver Regiment has recently performed in the Orlando Regional and places as high as 9th! Bands who place in two regionals are invited to perform at the Grand National competition.

Company Front – A straight line formed horizontally across the field by the entire Silver Regiment.

Council – The Officers for the Silver Regiment.

DCI (Drum Corps International) – A non-profit youth organization servicing the world’s junior drum and bugle corps and related activities. Its staff develops band clinics and showcases the top corps from around the world in the annual Summer Music Games tour. The Silver Regiment’s uniforms are based off of the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps uniforms.

District Festival (FBA) - Reference to either FBA District Marching or Concert Band Festival.

Drill Down – Marching technique competition in which the Drum Major(s) attempt to make Silver Regiment members mess up marching. The winner is the individual who does not make a mistake and is the last person in the marching block.

DOT Book and/or Coordinate Book - this is a small notebook utilized by marching bands in order to aid the learning of formations on the field. The general layout contains the longitudes and latitudes of a football field. As part of a section leader's duties they will explain and assist new students on how to set up their dot book.

Excellent – Rating used at FBA festivals. An excellent performance in most respects, but lacking in finish and perfection in detail to make it superior.

Fair – Rating used at FBA festivals. Well below average.

FBA (Florida Bandmaster’s Association) – Organization that organizes band related events throughout the state of Florida.

FFCC (Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit) – Circuit that organizes winter guard competitions throughout Florida.

First Position – Dance term adopted by marching bands to describe foot placement while at Attention.

FMEA (Future Music Educators Association) – Organization that helps run All-State and Tri-State.

Good – Rating used at FBA festivals. A good performance with noticeable weaknesses in various phases.

Loading Crew – Group of Silver Regiment members organized by the Operations Officers to help transport equipment and instruments to and from practices and performances.

LHBBA - Lake Howell Band Booster Association are all the parents of the Silver Regiment students.  The officers of the band boosters coordinate the projects, fundraising, transportation, care and feeding of the band members, chaperones, and special events with the help of committees and committee members.

MTX - Band Marching Shoes.

Pep Rally – Designed to foster school spirit before football games. The Silver Regiment plays at these activities.

Pit (aka Front Ensemble) – The non-marching percussion section.

Plume – The feathery appendage worn on the Shako.

Poor – Rating used at FBA festivals. Very poor performance. Considerable improvement is required at every phase.

Premier Night – Premier performance of the Silver Regiment’s marching show held on the last day of band camp. A potluck dinner is served afterwards.

Rifle – Equipment used by the color guard.

Saber – Equipment used by the color guard.

Seminole County Band Festival – festival held every year that showcases the marching bands from the seven high schools in Seminole County.

Senior Night – Annual event where graduating seniors are honored.

Shako – Hat worn by the Silver Regiment while in marching uniform.

Silver Regiment Invitational – Marching competition hosted at Lake Howell by the Silver Regiment.

Solo & Ensemble Festival (FBA) – Festival where judges grade a solo or ensemble performance on a scale of 1 (superior) to 5 (poor). If a solo or ensemble receives a superior, it may be eligible to go to State Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Sousaphone – Term used for marching tubas.

State Festival (FBA) – Term used in reference to State Concert or Solo & Ensemble Festival. Adjudication at this level is much harder than at District.

Superior – Rating used at FBA festivals. The best possible performance and must be practically flawless in detail.

Tri-State – Honor band whose members are selected to attend by Band Directors.

TUG – Thumbs up Guys!

Tug Times – Newsletter of the Silver Regiment detailing information about upcoming events.

WGI (Winter Guard International) – Winter guard circuit that organizes national guard competitions.

31. The Silver Regiment Song

The Greatest Love of All

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them wall the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter
Remind them how they used to be
Everybody’s searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs
A lonely place to be
And so I learned to depend on me
I decided long ago
Never to walk in anyone’s shadow
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I’ll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can’t take away my dignity
Because the Greatest Love of All
Is happening to me
I’ve found the Greatest Love of All
Inside of me
And if by chance that special place
That you’ve been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place
Find your strength in Love.



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