Sunday, 24 March 2019
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Silver Regiment Band Camp


Band Camp is where a band student learns all of the techniques that are needed to march and perform with the Lake Howell Silver Regiment. Students will learn drill, music, choreography, and music fundamentals that will be critical for a successful experience in the marching season.

Band Camp is mandatory for all members of the Lake Howell Silver Regiment. If a student has a physical condition or plays an instrument that is not utilized in the marching band, then they will be excused from participating.

All dates and times will be posted on the calendar in CHARMS.

All registration forms can be found in the "Files and Handouts" section of CHARMS website (  You do not need to know your ID# or password to get to this folder.  However, if you do not know your user ID# and password, please contact the LHBBA Secretary.

If you did not attend the pre-registration or final registration, please bring your parent along with the completed forms to the first day of band camp.  Students without the proper paperwork and financial committment will not be allowed to participate in band camp and will be sent home.

A student who does not participate in band camp will automatically be placed as an alternate for the marching season.