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Approved Music

Approved Music for Solo & Ensemble

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Solo/Ensemble Exceptions and Directions

  • Piccolo: Piccolos may select music from the flute list. Keep in mind the selection will also be evaluated on its suitability.
  • Oboe / English horn: English horns may substitute any double reed solo from the list.
  • Eb Clarinet: Eb Soprano Clarinet may play suitable music from the Bb Clarinet list.
  • Saxophone solos: Soprano Saxophone may play from the Tenor saxophone list.
  • Bass Saxophone may play from the Baritone Saxophone list.
  • Baritone saxophone may only play from the Alto Saxophone list with special permission from the S&E Music Committee Chair.
  • Mixed Ensembles: Mixed ensembles may use substitute instruments only as included on the original score.
  • Trombones: Trombone and Euphonium lists are interchangeable.
  • Euphoniums: Trombone and Euphonium lists are interchangeable.
  • Baritone: Grade 1&2 Baritone TC may play from the trumpet list. Grade 3 or higher may be played with special permission from the S&E Music Committee Chair.
  • Mallets: Mallets soloists may play grade1, 2 & 3 Flute and Oboe Literature.
  • Ensembles:
    • Instruments bracketed parenthetically indicate optional parts.
    • In addition to listed choir music, quintet music may be used to form choirs with EACH quintet part being doubled.
    • Percussion ensembles may NOT double parts.
    • Chamber winds MUST be performed in the exact instrumentation listed - NO DOUBLING, NO SUBSTITUTIONS.
  • String Bass: A string bass player in a school that does not have an orchestra, may perform a double bass solo at the FBA solo/ensemble MPA. The solo must be on the FOA solo list. The difficulty levels shall be determined as follows:
    • FOA Class A = FBA Grade 5
    • FOA Class B = FBA Grade 4
    • FOA Class C = FBA Grade 3
    • FOA Class D = FBA Grade 2
    • FOA Class E = FBA Grade 1

Students must play a Grade 5 (class A) to be eligible for State MPA.