Thursday, 19 July 2018
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Presenting their 2017 Program

The 2017 Silver Regiment will be performing their program "BachXed In" which encompasses the music from famous Baroque Composer Johann Sebastian Bach while having the visual concept of being in and escaping from Boxes.

Our Band Camp premiere show was last Friday on August 4th.

Please thank the following parents for all of their hard work to help Mr. Eslava and the Staff in order to have an amazing band camp where they were able to field 3 out of the 4 movements of the show.

Props - Mr. Rose, Mr. Joralemon, Mr. Braungart, Mr. Dereamer, Mr. Wargo. Mr. Dumm. Mr. Collazo, and if I am missing anyone I apologize.
Tailgate Party - Mr. and Mrs. Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Fairhurst & Mr. Lloyd.
Show Shirts - Mrs. Yarnell and Mrs. Letang.
Snap Raise and Italian Ice - Mrs. Vaccaro.
Uniforms - Mrs. McGrady, Mrs. Mink,  Mrs. Mailman, Mrs Sanchez and her mom (Thanks Jah’son and Josh for helping out with uniform moms!!!)
Chaperones - Mrs. Quiroga and Mrs. Matos for heading it up! And the following for helping out with all the members, Mrs. Mink, Mr. Riggs, Mrs. Canfield, Mrs. Tully, Mrs. Sanchez, Mrs. Dalsemer, Mrs. McCue, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Castiello, Mrs. Roozen, Mrs. Rose, Mr. Farquharson, Mrs. Kitson, Mrs. Padilla, Mrs. Ufland, Mrs. Fairhurst, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Lindbeck & Mr. Seegolam.
Instructor Lunches - Mrs. McCue, Mr. Waizenegger, Mr. Farquharson, Gators Dockside, Mr. & Mrs. Cave, Mr. Langston, Mrs. Fairhurst, Mrs. Skinner & Mrs. Hodge.


2017 BachXed In


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