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About LHHS Band

Information and about the staff, band parents and the over all band program.

LH Band Staff

Drill Designer - Craig Armstrong

Craig Armstrong is a Florida native and graduate of the University of Florida. While in college he performed in the UF wind ensemble, the Cadets of Bergen County, and also Walt Disney as a musician. Craig has written drill for numerous bands, most notably the 2009 FMBC State Champion Winter Park Sound of the Wildcats Marching Band. He also has had success in the indoor percussion arena with Infinity2, the  "A" class state champion during their inaugural year in 2013. Craig has instructed several BOA regional and national finalist bands and several finalist drum corps.




Visual Instructor - Jeremy Goldberg

Jeremy Goldberg has been involved as a performer or as an educator in the marching arts since 1996. Jeremy is a graduate of Lake Howell High School receiving the Louis Armstrong award as well as performing as the Principal Trumpet for the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra.  After high school he performed in the Southwind Drum and Bugle Corps for the 2000 and 2001 season.  Jeremy also was a Lead Trumpet in the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps in 2002 in addition to performing as a Fanfare Trumpet at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom from 2000-2004.  

Jeremy has taught a variety of activities within the marching arts including Lake Howell’s Holiday Band which performed in Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties.  He has taught music and visual in programs such as Lake Howell High School, Tavares High School, Oviedo High School, Winter Park High School, Seminole High School, Santa Fe High School, Timber Creek High School, and the 2011 FMBA 5A State Champion Hagerty High School.  Jeremy was a color guard instructor for Oviedo’s Winter Guard when they received the Gold Medal in AAA Class in FFCC.  Jeremy was also a visual instructor for Timber Creek Independent Indoor Percussion Ensemble and in 2014 was the Visual Caption Head for Infinity II who was the FFCC Open Class Indoor Percussion Champion.  Jeremy has written drill for Hagerty High School as well as program designed for this and other programs in 2012 and 2013.

Jeremy, being a graduate of Lake Howell High School, is very excited to return to his alma mater for his ninth marching season with The Silver Regiment.  Jeremy will be the Visual Caption Head for Lake Howell this year as well as assist with music instruction to continue to develop and strengthen the talent of Lake Howell’s Band Program.

Music Instructor - Gary Ulrich, Julio Rivera


Color Guard Instructor - Jarret Thompson, Ariel Rodriguez, Jonathon Owen and Emily Kaman




Jonathon Owen is currently attending the University of Central Florida where he is majoring in Hospitality. Jonathon graduated from Park Vista high school in 2014 after performing with the Park Vista Striking Cobra Marching Band for 4 years. His first two years (2011-2012)he was a part of the horn line as trombone and baritone player. His junior and senior years (2013-2014) he switched over to the Colorguard where he spun rifle and sabre and flag. Right after graduating he joined the 2014 Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corp performing in the Colorguard. He joined the Vanguard in the 2015 season as well. This past winter guard season (2015) Jonathon was a part of the UCF Pegasus World Guard. This was UCF Pegasus' first year competing in world class and the guard was able to make it to world class finals in Dayton, Ohio. An accomplishment that not a lot of world guards are able to accomplish their first year.

Emily began teaching colorguard in 2013 in north Georgia. She volunteered as a Emily Kamandance/flag tech with Lake Howell in 2013 and is thrilled to be back with the organization this year! Emily’s performance experience after highschool includes spinning with the UCF Starlet Knight Colorguard (2012,2013, Captain 2014), UCF Pegasus Open (2013,2014), UCF Pegasus World (2015), and the Bluecoats Colorguard (2015).





Percussion Instructor - Mike Hansen, Lindsey Hansen, Zach Gruse and Ian Clarey

mhansonMike Hansen began his teaching and professional drumming career in 2007. He has been a battery instructor, arranger, and consultant for many schools around the state including Lake Howell High School, Oviedo High School, Sunlake High School and Seminole High School. The programs he has worked with have won numerous awards including 1st place at the FFCC Championships (Infinity 2 2013), "Best Percussion" Awards at the Florida Marching Band Championships (Oviedo 2009 and Lake Howell 2010) and 5th place at the WGI World Championships Scholastic A Class (Seminole 2012).

Mike is currently the battery arranger and ensemble coordinator for the WGI Independent A Percussion Ensemble Infinity 2 Percussion, the Musical Director and performing member for the NBA's Orlando Magic Rhythm N’ Blue Drumline and a performing member of the SeaWorld Orlando Stilt drumming group ZANCOS. Mike has also performed with Walt Disney World's Toy Soldier Band and competed with WGI World Class Ensemble Infinity Percussion (2008-2010), Teal Sound Drum and Bugle Corps (2009), and has toured the country twice with local rock bands Cure for CASKA (2008) and Emberlake (2009)




Lindsey Hansen is originally from Seminole, FL. She currently lives in Oviedo, FL and attends the University of Central Florida to pursue her B.S. in Photography.Lindsey started playing when she began 5th grade at Oakhurst Elementary. She started taking lessons and continued her playing throughout middle school. She was in the Seminole High School front ensemble for 4 years and co-section leader for 3. After graduating in 2007, she stayed in South Florida to teach the Seminole High School front ensemble for 3 years, including 2 indoor seasons. She accompanied Seminole to BOA Atlanta Regional Championships and BOA Grand National Championships.In November 2007 she accepted the role of Timpanist for The Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps for 3 seasons, 2008-2010.In the fall of 2010 Lindsey moved to Central Florida where she began teaching Oviedo High School and Lake Howell High School. Lake Howell percussion went on to win the 2010 FMBC State High Percussion award for the first time in school history.She is currently teaching Oviedo as well as Lake Howell.

In her spare time, Lindsey still enjoys playing and learning more about the instruments she loves, as well as instruments outside of the percussion roster. Always looking for new musical opportunities to excel and expand her percussion knowledge and skills, she also arranges music for high school front ensembles. Lindsey also enjoys being a photographer.



Ian Clarey started teaching marching band and Ian Clareymiddle school percussion in South Florida in 2010. He has taught and arranged for several groups in Fort Myers and Orlando. He is currently a battery instructor at Lake Howell and Boone HS and a tenor tech at Infinity Percussion and the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps.

Ian's performance experience includes Marcato Independent (2009-2013), Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps (2012-2013) and Infinity Percussion (2014). He is currently performing in the "Superstar Parade" and "Beat Builders" at Universal Studios in Orlando.




The Lake Howell Band Boosters Association, Inc., (LHBBA), is a non-profit organization comprised of parents of the Lake Howell Band Program members, whose goal is to provide financial and moral support to the band program through a variety of activities.

All parents are encouraged to attend monthly band parent meetings. These meetings provide information about band activities as well as  an open forum for parents to voice concerns or opinions regarding the band program.

The Band Boosters provide support in many ways, ranging from fund-raising activities and organizing events to chaperoning field trips, competitions, and tours.

Members of the Band Booster Association work directly with Jose Eslava, Director of Bands, and the band staff to offer exceptional opportunities to our children.




The Silver Regiment is a high school band located in Winter Park, FL.  Currently under the direction of Trey Harris,the 150-member ensemble consists of a Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Color Guard, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, Brass chamber groups, and Woodwind chamber grou

In the beginning...

The original Lake Howell finished construction 38 years ago and at the time the band program was much different than that of today.  Under the direction of Roland Castro (1974-1981) the band wore white 'space marching' uniforms, and had many different traditions, but nevertheless was the foundation for the future.

The late 70’s and 80’s…

old silver regiment logo

A few years later the band program began to take shape and received the name “The Silver Regiment” and a logo.  At this time they shaped the band program after Drum Corps International, particularly the Blue Devils.  So much so that the new uniforms were identical to that of the Blue Devils!  The band program was quite prosperous during the 80’s. Under the direction of Greg Martin (1981-1986); Phil Jennings (1986-1987); Doug Stoun (1987-1989) and Ernie Lombardi (1989-1991) the band received many awards from all over the state and country.

Tug was born...

Therold tugwas an idea born in the ranks of the Band Boosters Association at this time that led to the creation of the Silver Regiments own mascot. The late Gary Berns, a founding member of the Lake Howell Band Boosters Association, had adapted the then-popular newspaper cartoon figure of "Ziggy" and made him into a band member with his ownuniform. But this figure needed a name, as "Ziggy" was already the name of Tom Wilson’s nationally syndicate newspaper character, and not exactly appropriate for a marching band.

It was also during these times that the band had a special phrase that was bestowed upon them by early band directors after an outstanding performance. That phrase was "thumbs up guys!" As the band traveled throughout the state, participating in dozens of adjudicated marching band events, quite often it became difficult to tell how well our band performed against some very close competition. It was not unusual to have judging delayed for hours, with everyone waiting anxiously for the results. During an afternoon at one such event, our band parents kept score as the competition progressed. The Lake Howell band parents united and suddenly, in that crowded stadium, about 50 of them stood up and shouted as one: "THUMBS UP, GUYS!" The band, seated across the field recognized the meaning of the signal. The other bands, their directors, and audience did not understand why they were the only group making noise at the time, since no scores were officially announced yet. Later, as about 20 bands were assembled on the field to learn their scores, each band reacted with a loud cheer, many hugs, and excitedly jumping around as their names were announced. But, as The Silver Regiment was announced as the Overall Winner, the band simply came to attention, and a salute from the Drum Majors was the only reaction from the entire band. They had already known that they had done well enough to make the finals by the band parents’ "Thumbs Up, Guys" signal earlier. The crowd was stunned by The Silver Regiment’s silent but dignified reaction to their success.  And so the phrase "Thumbs Up, Guys" was shortened to merely T.U.G; and the mascot had a name.

The 90’s and beyond…

Under the direction of Charles Watford (1992-2000) and Todd Leighton (2000-2009) the band continued to grow and prosper into a highly recognized marching music ensemble with a very strong tradition. 

In 2010, with the introduction of a new band director, Francis Franqui (2009-2011), came a new band logo. This marked the beginning of a new era for the Silver Regiment.  The change was embraced and in 2010 the Silver Regiment finished 2nd in their class at State Finals, ranking 6th overall.

new silver regiment logo

The Silver Regiment Today…

Still today the Silver Regiment consists of a Marching Music ensemble comprised of Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion and Color Guard and are highly recognized as an exceptional band on and off the field.

Many of the traditions are still in place.  The band still stands silently at attention after receiving an award.  And on Premier Night, Senior Night and at the Band Banquet, the band gathers in a huge circle with an inner senior circle and sings the song “The Greatest Love of All”. 

Over the years the band students, the instructors and the logos have changed, but the love and dedication from the band members, parents and instructors are stronger than ever.

A key ingredient to having such a successful band program is the dedicated students, volunteers, parents, friends and alumni and the countless hours of time donated to the band.


 new tug

If you are Silver Regiment Alumni and want more information on other Silver Regiment Alumni please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If your are Silver Regiment Alumni and have photos or information about your time at Lake Howell and would like to share, please feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at or Cynthia Schmidt.

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